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Here's An Easy Tip On How To Add EXTRA $106,000+ Into Your Retirement Account!

What Does Your Water Filtration Choice Have To Do With Smart Retirement Planning? 

A Lot...

Easy math tells the truth, your costs ultimately depend on your daily habits. Are you a spender or a saver? Do you make smart choices or are you impulsive and focused on instant convenience? Can you afford to drink away $106,000? 

If you buy a bottled water, you spend on average $.29 cents per bottle (estimated at 8 glasses /day average). At 3,566 bottles per year that's a whopping $1,034.20 / year x 30 years = $31,026 😢

How much is that "special" brew of 6oz coffee really worth? Did you know that unless you make your own coffee at home/work, you spend $1,260/year on a $3.5 daily coffee? 30 years: $37,800 😳

But you say: my coffee tastes horrible - yes because the coffee machines at your favorite cafe have an RO filtration installed, so invest in a little espresso machine + RO system and for $37k in savings learn to make your own delicious coffee.

How do the costs compare to drinking RO filtered tap water at home, so you can make your own coffee, tea:

Below are average estimates based on the water quality and consumption habits:

DIY high end system investment: $250-$350 / 10-15 years average system lifetime.

15 years of replacement filters = $498 (today's costs)

Divide the total cost by 15 years to get 1 year investment: $33


1 year RO Investment: 😍

System + Filters = $33 
(for complete costs add your estimated municipal water utility costs of drinking 365 Gallons per year, rest of your water bill applies to using water for showers, flushing toilets, laundry etc).

15 year RO Investment: 😍

$250 (system) + $498 (filters) = $748 (15 year investment)

30 year RO Investment:

$1,496 for 18,250 Gallons of water / year or 547,500 Gallons over 30 years. 😍


  • Daily cup of Coffee: $1,260/year 😳
  • Bottled Water: $1,034/year 😳
  • RO system: $33/year 😋

Imagine if the money you saved were invested into your retirement instead! Your return over 30 year at a 6% would be $106,000!!!

Are there other water filtration methods? YES, none come close to the low costs of owning your own RO system when you factor in purity (no plastic or recontamination), time, gas (of you or them hauling it to your house) and cost of water per gallon.

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