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2 Pack Hydrotech 9 GPD CTA Member - 41400001 -

2 Pack Hydrotech 9 GPD CTA Member - 41400001

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The Hydrotech 41400001 Reverse Osmosis Membrane is a genuine Hydrotech 9 GPD CTA membrane. It is compatible with Hydrotech HT10303 and F-HT-9A model RO systems. The 41400001 cellulose triacetate membrane is the solution for chlorinated water applications where a carbon prefilter is not desired.

  • CTA (Cellulose Triacetate) Membrane
  • No carbon prefilter required in chlorinated water applications
  • Flow Rate: 9 GPD
  • Easily identified by red tape band over blue wrap
  • Fits Hydrotech F-HT-9A and HT10303 RO systems
  • Also known as S-FS-06
  • Packaged with a preservative solution to protect from freezing and bacterial growth
  • NOTE: Do not freeze (store between 35 - 50˚F)

This packaging contains preservative solution to protect product from freezing and bacterial growth. Flush membrane for one hour prior to usage.
Hydrotech Specifications PDF