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1 Set - 4 Stage Under Sink RO System Replacement Filters With 50 GPD Filmtec Membrane

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1 Set Of Filter Replacements With 75 GPD Filmtec RO Membrane for 4+ Stage Under sink Reverse Osmosis System. Buy a bundle and save.


Top of the line, long-lasting, manufactured in the US, NSF tested and certified filter set with the best Reverse Osmosis membrane-Filmtec. All filters are 2"x10" size.

  • STAGE 1 - 1x  5 mic GE / Suez Purex Sediment Pre-Filter
  • STAGE 2 - 1x  1 mic KX Matrikx Activated Carbon Block Pre-Filter
  • STAGE 3 - 1x  Premium Filmtec RO Membrane 75 GPD
  • STAGE 4 - 1x Omnipure Activated Inline Carbon Post Filter

For questions on filters or reverse osmosis membranes for your specific system, please email us directly and we'd be happy to assist. Based on our inventory, substitution for individual pre and post filters may be offered of equal quality with the Filmtec RO.