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4+ Stage Custom Built Modular RO Under sink Water Purifier -

4+ Stage Custom Built Modular RO Under sink Water Purifier

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Pure Water. Pure Health. Pure Life

Introducing a modular / customizable under sink water purifier that filters 50-75 gallons of tap water per day for drinking and cooking that keeps you healthy. This system is perfect for residential and commercial usage.

Perfect anywhere there's a kitchen sink with a drain pipe

Each unit comes with everything you need for a fast install and instant use.

  • 4+ Stages of drinking water purification for safety
  • Set of Filters - Use instantly after installation.
  • Standard - Premium RO Membrane - Removes 99.9% of harmful water impurities.
  • Water Tank - FDA Certified, premium 3.2 Gallon Lead Free tank (custom sizes available)
  • Faucet - Lead Free, standard - premium stainless steel faucets. 
  • Fridge Kit - Instant, lasting, clear ice cubes.
  • DIY Parts - Installation kit & instructions.


  • Healthy - Studies have shown that drinking purified, alkaline water free of contaminants prevents cancer, speeds up recovery from an illness, helps rev up your metabolism and gives you energy. 
  • Durable - Custom build in USA for a guaranteed superior safety, quality, freshness. 
  • Long-Lasting - Premium filters used to treat tap water, well water, sewer, salt water. Set it and forget it for years before you need to replace filters!
  • Superior Quality - Unlimited, pure, alkaline drinking water on tap.
  • Saves Water - Unit stores water in lead-free tank, and turns off when not in use.
  • Saves time - 24/7 access. No need to drive to refill or buy bottles.
  • Safe to use - Healthy for humans, pets and plants. Eliminates plastic leaching into water.
  • Affordable - No need to pay premium price for bottled water!
  • Convenient - Easy to install, trouble and noise-free, DIY system.
  • Eco-Friendly - Eliminates the need for plastic bottles, pitchers, jugs. Unfortunately even BPA free, plastic deteriorates and leaches over time. 
  • WQA Gold Seal 


These systems use premium, built in the USA filters and reverse osmosis membranes that last 2-3 times longer than any other RO filters or membranes.

  • 4-5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Tap Water Filtration Systems.
  • Filters last 1-2 years; Membranes lasts 3-5 years. 
  • Fits under any sink (Home, school, office, cafe, store, bar/restaurant etc.).
  • DIY System. Easy to install and disassemble by you or a handyman.
  • Lead-Free chrome spout Included.
  • 3.2 Gallon tank included.
  • Connects to a refrigerator for clear, lasting ice cubes.
  • Purifies up to 50 gallons of water daily. System shuts off to save water.
  • Retains traces of minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium).
  • Removes 99.9% of thousands of contaminants from tap water.
  • 1 year satisfaction guarantee.
  • 30-Day money back guarantee. 
  • 100% Made in USA. The highest quality components worldwide.
  • NSF, FDA, WQA certified JG food grade tubing to provide safe-contamination free h2o. 


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