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Package Of 9 Ceramic Undersink Water Filter - UltraCarb -

Package Of 9 Ceramic Undersink Water Filter - UltraCarb

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Ceramic Filter Doulton W9380040 makes great tasting water includes Doulton UltraCarb W9123006 & Fluoride W9125030 that remove Suspended Solids, Cloudiness, Parasites, Pathogenic Bacteria, Chlorine, Bad Taste, Lead & Reduces Fluoride in tap water.

  • 3/8” push-fit inlet & outlet suitable for 3/8” flexible plastic pipe. Doulton Installation Kit W2391085 is needed if you do not have existing connections
  • Replacement Filters: Doulton 10 inch BSP Fluoride Reduction Water Filter Cartridge W9125030 and Doulton Ceramic UltraCarb 10 inch BSP Water Filter Cartridge Candle W9123006
  • You only need to replace the water filter cartridge candle, not the whole unit. This means 80% less plastic waste than other available cartridge filters
  • No power required. Easy to install and use. Simple to maintain. Wholly reliable. All fixings are included.
  • 3/8 inch push in inlet and outlet John Guest fittings.
  • Comes with two great filters the UltraCarb W9123006 and Fluoride W9125030.
  • Easily install under your sink for all your drinking water needs.
  • Made of food grade plastic.
  • Genuine OEM Product.
  • Remove bacteria, bad taste, odor, fluoride, pesticides, lead. 
  • Water Tank and Faucet not included.


Water Treatment Cartridges

Doulton® water treatment cartridges allow the removal of additional contaminants from your drinking water, giving you the flexibility to customise the system to your requirements:

Sediment & Particle Pre Filter
In areas of high sediment, fitting a Doulton® pre filter in the first chamber of the DUO™ will remove sediment and particles down to 5 microns in size. It also protects the ceramic filter candle in Stage 2, preventing the need for excess cleaning, thus prolonging its life.

Cleansoft™ Pre Filter
Protect against the damaging effects of hard water by using the Doulton® Cleansoft™ limescale reduction cartridge. This will reduce hardness in drinking water and the unpleasant ‘chalky’ taste that hard water can have. Cleansoft™ will improve limescale build up in kettles and the film which can form on the surface of hot drinks.

Fluoride Pre Filter
The fluoride reduction cartridge reduces unwanted naturally occurring and added fluoride to safe levels in your mains supplied drinking water.
+Doulton® Water Treatment Cartridges provide protection for up to 3 months.


Ceramic Filter Candle
The second chamber of the DUO™ houses the ceramic filter candle. Selection of the most appropriate grade of candle allows filter performance to be matched to the requirements of the local water conditions.

The Supercarb® grade of candle is fitted with an activated carbon block. Among other things, activated carbon is very effective at removing chlorine and organics from water.

The Ultracarb® ceramic filter candle has all the benefits of the Supercarb® with additional heavy metal reduction media, for the removal of toxic lead. +Doulton® ceramic filter candles should be replaced after 6 months of daily use.

Stage 1
Outer Shell - Micro Filtration including pathogenic bacteria, cyst reduction and turbidity*.

Stage 2
Anti-bacterial formulation contains silver to inhibit microbiological growth within the ceramic element.

Stage 3
Activated carbon takes out chlorine and organics improving taste and odour.

Stage 4
The Ultracarb® grade of candle contains heavy metal removal media, with takes out toxic lead.

  • Connections: 3/8” push fit inlet and outlet suitable for connection to flexible plastic pipe
  • Flow Rate: Up to 240 litres/hour @ 60psi (4 bar) supply pressure, but this will depend upon the combination of filter elements fitted. For optimal efficiency a flow rate of 2 litres per minute is recommended. 
  • Working Pressure Range: 1.4 bar (20psi) – 6 bar (90psi) Working Temperature Range Recommended range: 5-30°C (41-86°F)
  • Dimensions: Height: 12.79in (325mm) Width: 7.67in (195mm)
  • Material: Food Grade Plastic
  • Number of Pre Filters: 1
  • Number of Filter Candles: 1
  • Filter Candle Type: 10 in long x 2 in in diameter (254 x 49mm) short threaded mount.
  • Connections: 3/8 in push fit inlet & outlet suitable for connection to flexible plastic pipe.
  • Flow Rate: 300L/hour - refer to Filter Performance Table for flow rates for specific candle grades.

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