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RO Undersink Water Purifier - Easy Twist & Lock Filters

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Ready. Twist. Filter. Drink!

The PuROTwist 36-50 GPD WQA GOLD Seal reverse osmosis system with twist and lock filters technology for easy install and replacement is tested and certified by the Water Quality Association and has received a NSF/ANSI 58 Gold Seal.

This reverse osmosis system utilizes a 4 stage filtration process to deliver the highest quality drinking water for your home or office. 

Stage 1
5 micron sediment filter that removes sand, dirt, sediment, and other particles.

Stage 2
Pre-carbon filter that protects the RO membrane from sediment and chlorine.

Stage 3
Reverse osmosis membrane that removes dissolved inorganic materials. 

Stage 4
Post carbon filter to improve taste and odor of drinking water.

Available to customize by adding more stages. 

  • 36-50 GPD RO
  • NSF/ Prop 65 lead free air gap faucet 
  • 3/8” From tank to faucet for full flow
  • Auto shut off valve 
  • John Guest® fittings
  • Tank ball valve 
  • Drain connector
  • Feed supply 
  • Omnipure® filters
  • Made in USA


Permeate Pump, Booster Pump, UV Light, Water Quality Monitor, Large Holding Tank. Please email directly if you need these.