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RO Undersink Water Purifier - Essential -

RO Undersink Water Purifier - Essential

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Lasting Purity You Can Taste Straight From Your Tap. Drink Up!

Assembled in California, this undersink drinking water purification station makes your tap water safe and delicious for drinking and cooking. This particular system can be completely customized with the highest quality, long lasting filters and membranes. For specific customization please contact directly. This essential system sells 


  • Residential Kitchens
  • Apartments
  • Bbq / Patio Areas
  • Small Offices


  • Delicious & refreshing alkaline water from the comfort of your home.
  • Removes 100% of odors and bad taste.
  • Enhances food flavors, tea & coffee aromas.
  • Makes clear, slow melting ice cubes.
  • Removes deposits for spot-free dishwashing.
  • Healthy for your, pets & plants.
  • Trusted by military, parents, athletes, nutritionists, hospitals.


Each unit comes with everything you need for a fast DIY install and instant use.

  • SET OF FILTERS - Use instantly after installation.
  • RO MEMBRANE - 50 GPD TFC Membrane. Removes 94-99% of thousands of harmful impurities. 
  • WATER TANK - Lead-Free 3.2 gallon tank 
  • BASIC RO FAUCET - NSF non-air gap, lead-free chrome faucet. 
  • FRIDGE KIT - Instant, lasting, clear ice cubes.
  • DIY PARTS - Installation kit & instructions
    For customization of any of the above parts please contact directly.


    • Built and assembled in California.
    • Long lasting, high quality PENTEK filter housing.
    • 4 Stage basic reverse osmosis tap water filtration system.
      Includes 1 Sediment, 1GAC Filter, 1 TFC Membrane, 1 Carbon Filter.
      Variety of filter and membrane options are available with custom order.
    • Fully customizable. Request additional stages directly.
    • Durable steel housing bracket that can be attached to the cabinet wall.
    • Fits under standard or farmhouse sink.
    • DIY System. Easy to install and disassemble.
    • Standard Chrome Spout Included (upgrades available).
    • 3.2 gallon tank included (upgrades available).
    • RO tank ball valve.
    • John Guest® fitting and tubes.
    • Refrigerator kit included.
    • Water Drain connector kit. 
    • Supply feed connector.
    • RO Filter housing wrench.
    • NSF/ Prop 65 lead free air gap faucet. 
    • Water Auto shut off valve.
    • Purifies up to 50 gallons of water per day. (upgrades available)
    • Retains traces of healthy minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium)
    • Removes 94-99% of contaminants like lead, chlorine, lime etc...
    • Manufacturer's warranty and quality certifications included.
    • 30-Day money back guarantee. 
    • 100% Made in the USA. The highest quality components worldwide.