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Floor Water Purification Tower - Compact - Hot/Cold Water Dispenser

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Great Things Do Come In Small Sizes!

The G3 Water Tower Model is the most economical home / office model.  Want something simple, modern, practical and effective? This is the tower for you.

It has a large dispensing gap for both hot and cold water temperatures, and its compact height makes it one of our most popular models for small office settings.


  • Removes all contaminants (RO system)
  • Healthy working environment
  • Refreshing hydration on demand
  • Compact design is perfect for small spaces
  • No more need for expensive delivery service
  • Hassle-Free - Easy to install


  • Gyms / Yoga Studios
  • Clinics
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Homes (for large families)


  • Large dispensing gap ideal for filling large glass bottles
  • LED lights let you know water has reached hot temperature
  • Filter assembly is easily accessible
  • Stainless steel hot and cold tanks
  • Power switches for hot/cold tanks

3 Stage Filtration or 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration Technology


5 Micron Sediment Filter

The first stage is a 5 micron Sediment filter that helps remove Sediment such as sand, rust and silt that is present in most municipal water sources.


1 Micron Granulated Activated Carbon Filter

The second stage of filtration is a 1 micron granulated activated Carbon filter. This filter uses an advanced Carbon technology to help remove harmful particles such as pesticides, insecticides, petrochemicals, MTBE’s, PCB’s, defoliants, and benzene.


0.5 Micron Carbon Block Filter

The third stage is a 0.5 micron Carbon block filter, which gives the water a final “polish.” It removes up to 99% of lead and microbial cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidium. It also ensures that all chlorine has been removed and that the water entering the holding tanks is completely odorless.

- OR -


Reverse Osmosis Technology

The fourth stage utilizes Reverse Osmosis technology, which removes any molecular compounds smaller in size than water molecules. Such compounds include salt, magnesium, iron, fluoride, lead, and calcium.


  • Dimension: 13″W x 15″D x 42″H
  • Shipping Weight: 58 lb
  • Cold tank volume: 1 gal
  • Hot tank volume: 0.5 gal
  • Cooling Rate 1.5 gal/hr 37-50 °f
  • Heating Rate 1.3 gal/hr 180 °f

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