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Global Ozone Filtration System - Free Purity

Global Ozone Filtration System

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Ozone Filtration

Filter. Sanitize. Disinfect 

The SIP2000 ozone filtration system sanitizes the water by converting oxygen into ozone. Ozone eliminates taste and odor problems in the water and leaves no residual disinfectant. Ozone also has a greater disinfection effectiveness against bacteria and viruses compared to chlorination.

SiP Ozone Sanitization is more effective than UV Disinfection

  • UV Disinfection only sterilizes mold, algae, viruses and bacteria.
  • SiP's Ozone eliminates mold, algae, viruses and bacteria in an enclosed environment, 365 days a year!

SiP uses a completely natural, chemical-free technology that converts Oxygen to Activated Oxygen Ozone. Ozone is an all-natural way to purify drinking water.

    What is Ozone?
    That fresh, clean smell after a thunderstorm is actually Ozone - created by nature. The SiP water cooler sanitizer creates and circulates micro bubbles of Ozone into the water of your cooler's reservoir. When the proper concentration of Ozone is infused into water, the bacteria bugs are eliminated. Without Ozone, our world would be overrun with bacteria, algae, mold and viruses. Ozone naturally oxidizes these impurities. It is also a fantastic way to purify your water. "SiP is like lightning in a bubble!" 


    • 99% effective at eliminating nasty pathogens and bacteria
    • Compatible with any existing reservior fed water cooler
    • Eliminates the need for replacing costly UV light bulbs
    • Purifies water by using electricity and ozone production
    • Requires only 10 minutes of operation during the evenings to produce a full day of clean water
    • Unit requires minimal maintenance and can easily be installed
    • Certifications: CE , CSA
    • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty
    • Easy Installation With Any Existing Water Cooler
    • Fully Customizable To Suit Your Water Needs
    • Lowers Energy Bill and CO2 Emissions


    • Input voltage: 110 to 240VAC
    • Pump voltage: 12VAC
    • Pump air filter ratings: 5 micron
    • Ozone output: 30-60mg/hr


    The small amount of ozone that is introduced into your cooler is completely harmless to you yet eliminates all the bugs.

    The SiP 2000 includes everything you need!

    • Main Unit
    • Down Tube
    • Insulation Foam
    • Air Hose
    • Dispersion Block
    • Air Filter
    • Test Button
    • Harness
    • Zip Ties
    • Air Pump
    • Spare Fuse
    • Cooler Patch Cord
    • Power Cord
    • External Indicator Light
    • Operation/Instruction Manuals