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Global Water 180 GPD Low Pressure Function RO -

Global Water 180 GPD Low Pressure Function RO

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180 GPD Reverse Osmosis Filter

The Reverse Osmosis Filter removes inorganic molecular compounds smaller in size than water molecules. The filter is a semi permeable membrane, which only allows the purified water to pass through, not the impurities or contaminates. Reverse Osmosis improves the taste and odor of water and removes contaminates such as iron, fluoride, lead, and calcium. The 180 gallons per day filter upgrade offers the highest levels of purified water consumption.

  • Max. Operating pressure 125psi (0.86MPa)
  • Max. feed flow rate 2gpm (0.45m3/hr)
  • Max. operating temperature 113 oF (45 °C)
  • Operating pH range 2.0–11.0
  • Max. turbidity 1.0 NTU
  • Max. SDI (15 min) 5.0
  • Max. chlorine concentration< 0.1 mg/L