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Omnipure 2"x10" K2548-JJ - Remineralization Filter - Calcite Inline - 1/4"FQC

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The Omnipure K2548-JJ is an inline all-calcite filter cartridge homeowners and small commercial RO clients use to increase water alkalinity and neutralize acidic water bringing it back to a neutral pH. The K2548-JJ is typically used in reverse osmosis applications and has push connectors on each end that will receive a 1/4" tube.


  • 2"X10" ALL CALCITE;1/4" FPT
  • Actual Dimensions:11.25" X 2.125"
  • Replace every 6-12 months
  • Corrects acidic/low pH water
  • Available Fittings:
    • BB = 1/4" FPT
    • CC = 3/8" FPT
    • JJ = 1/4" Quick Connect
    • KK = 3/8" Quick Connect


  • Replace cartridge every 6 months for RO applications