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1 Set - Under Sink Filters ONLY Replacement Pack- w/o RO Membrane

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1 Set Filter Replacement Kit without RO membrane for 4+ Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems.


  • STAGE 1 - 1x  Sediment Pre-Filter  - Replace Every 12
  • STAGE 2 - 1x  Activated Carbon Block Pre-Filter (kills viruses) - Replace Every 12
  • STAGE 3 - 1x  RO Membrane TFC 36 GPD - Replace Every 24-48 Months (not included)
  • STAGE 4 - 1x Inline Carbon Post Filter 2" x 10" - Replace Every 12
  • STAGE 5 (optional) - 1x Activated Carbon Block Filter 2" 10"  -Replace Every 12

These high quality, standard size filters fit 3+ Stage Water Filtration Systems. Contact directly with any questions on sizes or options for your system.

These filters 

    * Frequency of Filter replacement depends on the quality of your water and consumption habits. It is recommended to test your water every 3 months to ensure your RO system purifies your water adequately to keep contaminants below 50 ppm (parts per million - milligrams over liters). Please use a TDS meter to know when you should replace your filters.

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