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Did You Know Your "Sick" Gut Might Be Causing Your Headaches / Migraines?

Do you suffer from headaches? Experiencing new triggers over the years? Wonder what could be causing them? Have you noticed any changes with your stomach? Constant bloating, pain, allergies or worse etc?

I've been a headache/migraine sufferer since I can remember. People called me a weather woman when I lived in Connecticut, I could predict storms coming up from Florida up to 3 days ahead, and as they were in awe, I was in pain...suffering from headaches every time the barometric pressure shifted (from rain to sunny, sunny to rain) is not fun. But I got used to living with that and moving to San Diego lessened the symptoms.

As years past, new triggers reemerged. The biggest addition in my 30s was a PMS headache (fabulous right?), I'd have 2-3 days of headaches guaranteed every month but if I acted fast enough, I could prevent them by taking Aleve right at the onset. Got used to those, they became predictable,'s amazing the things we all get used to living with and feel are "normal"

In the past couple years though, another migraine trigger is emerging that might be caused by my gut this time. Don't get me wrong, I eat organic as much as possible, rarely if ever reach for unhealthy treats but I have been slowly but surely developing sensitivities to everything that tastes great ;): carbs, dairy, sugars, coffee, even tea...pretty much anything I put into my stomach is giving my stomach hell that ends up with me feeling bloated, my intestines inflamed and if I ignore it and continue "offending" my stomach, it ends up with a headache??. Who knew right? So I went on few cleanses, eliminated the biggest offenders and still didn't feel "right". Just like with anything else, I started blaming it on simply getting older, assumed I was doomed to feel like crap. Doesn't everyone as they "mature"?

No, actually not everyone feels out of whack as they go from 20s to 30s to 40s and on but we get so used to it that it becomes normal. Getting back to basics, ensuring a clean organic diet, elimination of the biggest offenders from your diet, taking daily vitamins and probiotics which I am, might be the way to go and so is drinking pure, clean, alkaline water, and drinking a lot of it with lemon. 2 glasses in the morning not only revs up our gut but removes the excess acid from our stomach.

If you do suffer from headaches, fatigue, acne, gut problems (bloating or irritability) make sure you drink plenty of pure water that will help dilute and eliminate the acids, toxins and impurities that make us sick. If you drink plenty of water already, ask yourself if that water is of the best it bottled? do you use Brita or your refrigerator's filter which both are carbon filters that only improve taste and could even grow bacteria if not replaced often enough. Consider getting an under-sink reverse osmosis water purifier which will help you drink and cook with an unlimited amount of purified water you will be certain is clean and healthy, without costing you lots of money or polluting the environment... so at least you can eliminate that as the cause of you feeling sick, I know my stomach is thanking me every time it doesn't bloat or causes unexplained migraines.

And btw for those who would love to make a difference and an impact on those who can't help themselves - 20% of all profits from the purifier goes to our "Clean Water For All Children Program" where we install water purifiers at orphanages in need, so children can drink clean, healthy water in countries such as India, Mexico and Africa...check out and order your system today. For the next 12 years, your total cost of unlimited supplies of water will be $3.22 per month ONLY, we even include a glass bottle with every order so you can carry that around. This system won't require you to replace filters for the next 3-6 years depending on the water quality and usage and it won't grow bacteria either that will make you sick all over again.

Here's an interesting article I found about The Gut-Brain Link if any of you are interested.

So I have 2 questions for you:

  1. Do you suffer from migraines, headaches or allergies?
  2. What have you done about it?

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