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Apartment Renters & Home owners!
Before you call with questions about installing an RO system in your home's or apartment's kitchen, best way for us to help you is to know what type of plumbing setup already exists in your home. 

Please send us these photos with a phone number to call you back:
1. Clearly show the under sink plumbing.
2. Top of the sink / faucet area. 
3. Full kitchen photo showing location and distance between the sink and the refrigerator. Pull out the refrigerator and take a photo of the water lines on the back of your refrigerator (if you're looking for a refrigerator hookup as well)
4. Shower head photo (if you're looking for a shower-head filters)

Service & Maintenance Professionals
Are you are contractor, plumber, property manager or realtor who needs to buy water purifying systems in bulk and would like to inquire about our high volume prices? Contact us below! With years of experience and relationships with the top water purification and hydration manufacturers in US, we'd be happy to assist you. 

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