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Dow's Filmtec Membranes: A Solution To Drinking Water Scarcity Problems

Filmtec: A Solution to Water Scarcity Problems

The demand for fresh drinking water has been continuously escalating, especially in various regions around the world where there is a limited supply of these resources. Through the advancements made in the technology of reverse osmosis membrane, seawater desalination is proving to be an option that is more cost-effective and feasible, when it comes to producing processed, potable water. Reverse osmosis, though seemingly a complicated system of water filtration is actually a simple process, apart from the fact that it is really nothing new. The high pressure systems used for reverse osmosis have been utilized for a long time now in the desalination of water. Simply put, this is the process of converting seawater and brackish water into safe, clean water.

Dow Water and Process Solutions

Dow Water and Process Solutions have built its reputation based on its experience of over 30 years in the business of water treatment. It is the primary supplier of companies that produce and provide systems for water treatment. Its reverse osmosis technology has been indispensable to hospitals and other pharmaceutical companies when it comes to pure and safe water. It leads in the development and production of technologies that incorporate water together with energy requirements. It aims to provide homes with clean drinking water, along with sustainable solutions for regions that are faced with clean water problems, in order to help with the water shortage issues globally.


Filmtec is a subsidiary of the “DOW Water and Process Solutions,” a company that produces membrane elements needed in filtration systems, both commercial and industrial. Apart from these applications, Filmtec caters to residential as well as municipal applications. The reverse osmosis membranes of Filmtec are the most recent innovation of DOW that makes it possible to have potable water with a much better taste and smell, and lesser impurities. This will facilitate the provision of pure water for drinking to places where clean water is not readily available. An edge that Filmtec membrane elements have is the ability to support various types of water, whether it is for seawater, fresh or brackish water. A number of these membranes can make use of reverse osmosis, microfiltration, and nano filtration, all of which allows them to be utilized in different industries like medical and pharmacological applications, including the production of semiconductors that necessitates solvent separation. Filmtec offers a wide range of products that also meet the specific conditions of other clientele, including domestic consumers and plant operators, among others.

Focusing on Charitable Organizations

Dow began its charitable work over a hundred years ago when it founder, Herbert Dow built up a community center located in Michigan. Today it is a strategic part of the company’s pledge to society, to show its commitment to excellent corporate citizenship. It focuses its charitable giving on sustainability, science, community success, and innovation, specifically in alternative energy. Dow maintains strong partnerships with different universities and colleges, mainly to develop and enhance school programs on science and engineering. With regards to community success, Dow recognizes that it signifies different things with the different communities. This is the reason why most recently, Dow Pittsburgh conducted a survey, “Quality of Life.” The company was interested to find out from residents of the community about what their biggest concerns were, their specific needs, and ultimately learn what the company can offer to improve on the region’s quality of life. Some of the more important topics included educational opportunities and how to protect the environment.

At present, Dow is sponsoring another charity program that promotes “regionalism and volunteerism.” Students are invited to “pay it forward” and are given grant awards for their services. What it aims to do is involve young people with the community they live in, and have the community enjoy all of the great benefits. Dow has been conducting its business all over the world, while building up relationships that prove beneficial not only for the company itself, but for the community as well. It provides support for what it calls the human element by donating cash along with volunteer work performed by the company’s employees. It is the fourth most generous company in the US, donating $34,237,817 in 2010, according to the “Chronicle of Philanthropy.” This magazine tracks down companies that have shown the most generosity in the support of charitable work. Apart from the fact that Dow offers the best solutions to an essential need – water, its support for numerous charitable organizations have been a perfect demonstration of a thriving business with a lot of heart.

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