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Bottled Water vs. Reverse Osmosis

Consuming enough water is the most important thing that we can do to ensure that we have, and maintain good health.

There are benefits to bottled water, but all of them come at a cost that outweighs those benefit. Installing a long-term solution such as a reverse osmosis system can give you more benefits than bottled water at a fraction of the cost. Not only are there cost savings, but there are a host of other benefits that can be had by choosing a reverse osmosis system over bottled water. Let’s dive a little deeper.

Interestingly, as discovered by 20/20 about a quarter of all of the bottled water on the shelves is just packaged tap water. Even though it may be labeled fresh spring water, the contaminants that were found in these bottles were comparable to regular tap water. The added cost of bottled water versus regular tap water can range from 240 to 10,000 times more; for the same product with the same levels of contaminants.

Most of the time when it comes to bottled water it usually comes in plastic bottles, which the water can sit in for many years. These bottles have been known to leach toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol A and Phthalates (linked to cancer), into the water. Even if the bottles claim to have no BPA, plastic deteriorates over time and leaches into water, you might have smelled or tasted plastic while drinking water

When buying generic brands there is also the chance that the water has not been treated properly or is just regular tap water at a premium. There have been laboratory tests indicating about a quarter of all bottled water on the shelves registers higher than the safe healthy limits for certain minerals. Magnifying all of these drawbacks is the added cost and damage of the environment that buying bottled water can cause. The only real benefit of bottled water is the convenience factor, but we shouldn’t sacrifice everything else for convenience.

Now you can have the same quality of water, or better, that some of the high end bottled water companies use. This is available without all of the drawbacks of traditional bottled water. Buying a reverse osmosis system for your house, apartment or condo you will be ensured that you have control over the quality of water that you are consuming and it is free from any of the possible contaminants. Add to this the fact of not having any of the toxic chemicals that will leach from the plastic, and a reduction in the pollution of the environment, and you'll have a clear winner. Buying a good BPA and phthalate free water bottle will give you similar convenience to bottled water by allowing you to bring your at-home purified water with you as you go about your day.

Once you purchase your reverse osmosis system you will be saving even more money as the only maintenance costs are the annual filter changes. Their lifetime can also be extended if you test your water as some of the filters can last several years depending on the quality of the tap water that you are using. This is in addition to not only costing less but also doing less environmental damage. About 10-15% of all plastic bottles are never recycled properly and just end up in nature. These facts further reinforce the environmental benefit of owning a reverse osmosis system for your wallet and the future of the environment.

If you would like to save money, protect the environment, and drink water that is healthier for you then choosing a reverse osmosis system seems like the right choice. The only benefit that can be offered by bottle water is the convenience of portability, but by just filling a stainless steel or glass water container you can capture the same benefits without any of the drawbacks. The choice is yours but the case speaks for itself.

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