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Prevent Top 15 Health Issues By Keeping Body Hydrated.

There are many benefits to keep your body hydrated. Several factors influence how much water you require on a daily basis such as climate, muscle mass, physical activity, nutrition, and genetics.

According to the Institute of Medicine, most people need 6-8 glasses of water every day for optimal hydration. Below are the top 15 reasons to stay hydrated.

  • Feeling Bloated or Overweight? Staying hydrated will increase your metabolism and help to flush out by-products from the breaking down of fat cells. Drinking water helps you increase fat loss, and maintain a proper weight.
  • Too Hot or Too Cold? When you are properly hydrated your body doesn’t have to retain all of the fluids in survival mode and can sweat more freely. Sweating allows your body to reduce its temperature and improve circulation which further regulates body heat. Drinking water regulates your body temperature.

  • Achy Body or Joints?  Staying hydrated helps protect your joints, spinal cord, eyes, brain, and vital organs by making sure that there is enough fluid around to cushion these crucial areas.Drinking water helps to increase body lubrication.

  • Feeling Weak? Proper hydration helps keep muscles strong, lubricated and oxygenated as well as your blood consistency at its optimal to deliver the oxygen where it’s needed most. Drinking water increases athletic performance.

  • Frequent Headaches? Most headache related pains are the results of slight to severe dehydration. Making sure that you are properly hydrated will completely prevent any of these dehydration head pains. Drinking water prevents headaches and migraines.

  • Exhausted? Dehydration leads to fatigue that destroys your energy level and alertness. By keeping hydrated you can stave off fatigue which will increase your energy, keeping you awake and alert. Drinking water increases energy.

  • Feeling Unproductive or Unfocused? You brain is close to 90% water and needs to be properly hydrated for maximal functionality. Even slight dehydration can have a serious impact on mental clarity, anxiety and reaction time. Drinking water helps you stay productive.

  • Moody? Proper hydration helps to stabilize your mood which will lead to maintaining or an increase in motivation. Drinking water will stabilize your mood.
  • Dental Problems? Drinking water not only helps to prevent dry mouth that can cause bad breath, but it can also reduce cavities by diluting the plaque and oral bacteria. Drinking water increases oral health.

  • Worried About Your Heart? When you are dehydrated your blood volume is decreased which causes your heart to pump harder to get enough oxygen to your muscles, cells, and brain. By staying hydrated you can help to maintain proper blood volume so your heart doesn’t have to work as hard. Drinking water promotes heart health.

  • Skin Feels Dry? Drinking water helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity and create a supple appearance. Although staying hydrated or drinking more water won’t reverse wrinkles it has a profound effect on the healthy look of your skin. Drinking water will keep your skin smooth.

  • Suffering From UTIs or Kidney Stones? Kidneys and liver are responsible for processing toxins and filter waste from the blood. It is important to dilute toxins by drinking enough water to prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Drinking water will prevent you from getting sick.

  • Trouble Eliminating? Proper hydration helps aid digestion by boosting the metabolism and preventing constipation. Consuming fiber is great for digestion but it requires the appropriate levels of water to make it effective. Drinking water aids digestion.

  • Getting Sick a Lot? By staying hydrated your body can properly regulate fluids and help fight illnesses as well as transfer faster immune response, which helps to decrease sickness while aiding in faster recovery. Drinking water helps your immune system stay strong to fight off bacteria and viruses.

  • Short on Cash? Using reverse osmosis filtration system provides you with clean water on demand at the lowest price possible. It also helps minimize health related costs for further savings. Drinking reverse osmosis water saves you money. Make sure you buy the highest quality system you can afford, such as FreePurity system so you can lower the frequency of filter changes and maintenance, saving money in the long run. 

It is crucial to our health to consume proper amount of water and keeping our bodies hydrated. The best solution for the cleanest water is a point of use water filtration system such as a reverse osmosis unit that fits under your sink. Whatever water source you have access to, make sure that you are consuming enough every day to take advantage of all of these health benefits and that you are drinking the cleanest water available.

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