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Were You Extraordinary Or Mediocre? What Will Your Story Be In 2018?

Yes! 2018...when you reflect on 2017, did you choose faith in possibilities over a fear of failure? Or did you have another year standing safely on the sidelines watching others create their best year yet because you chose to feel paralyzed with fears and excuses?

Maybe next year...

What if you won't have another year...

The only way to feel fueled, inspired and fulfilled every day of your life is to do what ignites a fire within you. Self awareness helps with that, there are also many easy exercises that can help you discover what you were meant to do in this life if you're unsure. Sometimes what you feel passionate about may not be your deepest calling, but combining that fire with a vision beyond yourself is what could elevate your life's mission and define your true purpose. Whatever that is, it's different for everyone.

" Let's discover what motivates you through looking at your values."

First step in this process is to CLARIFY what gets you fired up or that you don't want or don't stand for in your life (sometimes defining what you don't want helps to shape what you do want). Write out your dream life so you can clearly, physically see it in your mind - visualize it then try to x10 that vision into something that scares you perhaps by attaching a cause dear to your heart and soul. An experience that's transformative creates a ripple effect that attracts incredible opportunities and experiences into your life. Suddenly your idea is purpose driven, energizing you and your tribe.

"If you stand for everything, you stand for nothing. Clarity is the KEY TO SUCCESS!"

This is where the magic happens.

How much more can you achieve acting from your heart vs. when you feel deflated and without purpose? If that vision is scary and intimidating and you're getting stuck asking yourself "But How?", you're on a right path! Only NOW you know it's big enough to bother acting on it, otherwise you're not stretching yourself far beyond the initial high of possibilities where most are unwilling to make things happen, and you lose steam when the going gets tough.

"Your WHY must be big enough so when the going gets tough, you don't lose steam."

Creating and launching your idea takes time, sweat, energy and resources. If that scares you, you might think you're not cut out to be an entrepreneur, where, in fact, the most successful entrepreneurs turn their fear into fuel.

It's about using fear to propel you forward vs. freaking out and quitting too early. There's no such thing as a fearless adventurer.

It's about resourcefulness and creativity in achieving your goal, when it's not a straightforward formula, that will create a successful outcome. Nothing worth doing is easy. Nothing!

If you think about the HOW, you'll never act on your WHY.

Figure out a strong enough WHY and you will make it happen.

If you're still reading, you're ready for a change.

Life is about choices, you may choose to do nothing. The universe has an incredible way to give us what we ask of it. Nothing is something. What if that something is a life of regrets and painful memories of inaction?

If you're not happy with the life you have NOW, close your eyes...visualize the next 365 days. Are you OK with a groundhog day? Or are you ready to kick some ass?

Choose faith over fear, and trust that you are surrounded by others who support you and will help you succeed. Close your eyes again...visualize THAT for the next 365 days.

Remember this...when you face your fears head on, they lose power.

Take a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle to make two columns. Label the left side "Me in 2016," the right "Me in 2017." On the left write out everything that comes through you (i.e. experiences, regrets, hesitations, lessons learned etc.) and then on the right, convert what you wrote in the left column into positive affirmations. Which column feels better? Now you know what to do.

How hungry are you for change?

"I've got obligations, children to feed, bills to pay, health issues, aging parents..." So do most of us. Yet some take action to change their lives, and some don't. Which group do you belong to? The game is about the hunger, pain and fear never about the logistics.

If you feel stuck yet restless; if you feel OK yet are not happy and eager to jump out of bed each morning, let's connect and change this in 2017!

If not now, when? Don't let another year pass you by where you're a cheerleader for someone else, standing on the sidelines watching everyone else live out their dreams. There's no pride or joy in that.

Let 2017 be THE year when you said YES! to yourself. I'm here if you need help define the "WHY" & help with the "HOW".

Personally since my interests span across environmental issues, child welfare and technology, I recently launched, a company that is dedicated to invest in water projects for orphanages and communities without clean drinking water across US, Mexico, India and Africa.

I wanted to work with a high quality product I believed in and used myself that was healthy and I could feel proud of selling.

When you do that, the energy to make a difference is endless...

I'm including a review from Darcy K of Simply Stunning Spaces, one of our clients who recently opened an amazing Design Center in San Diego. We are also hosting a launch party January 21st if you'd like to join us! Here's a Facebook Link: To know that my product brings real value gives me purpose beyond profits. This is exactly what I was aiming to create - a sustainable, responsible product attached to causes I cared about that was bringing purpose into my life and value into the lives of my clients.

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