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CHL 750XL Chiller Daddy - Under Sink Stainless Steel Tap Water Chiller

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Chill Down your purified RO water with a 750XL Chiller Daddy®!

Got an RO water purifier or other under sink filter system? This chiller cools it to perfection! Easy to install, fits under a sink. 

750XL Chiller Daddy® is a high output, heavy duty under sink drinking water chiller for home or office. Enough cold water to give you a brain freeze on a hot day! Great for using with any Reverse Osmosis RO System sold from FreePurity, or any other under sink drinking water filtration or purification system.

  • Perfectly Refreshing, cold drinking water on demand.
  • Easy to install. Compact in size.
  • No rust, stainless steel body.
  • Great for residential or sm commercial use.


  • CHL-750XL High output, heavy duty under sink water chiller for refreshingly chilled drinking water. Premium Design and Construction.

  • Hygienic 304 Stainless Steel Cold Water Tank, Drain Cap & In/Out Tubes - 100% Stainless Steel Waterway

  • Whisper Quiet 3-Way Noise Suppression System

  • Attractive Brushed Appliance Grade SUS304 Stainless Steel "NO-RUST" Exterior Cabinet

  • Adjustable Water Thermostat 42F - 54F - Perfectly Refreshing Drinking Water Temperature Range - Factory Preset For Normal Use

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