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Partnership Program

Join FreePurity and partner up with a sustainable brand that gives back and invests in social impact projects in US and abroad such as building wells in communities without access to drinking water, installing water purification systems to purify contaminated water, feeding hungry children and providing life-saving resources to orphans. 


Awareness Program
Share our products in your newsletters, emails, websites, across social media or advertising and get 5% from every purchase. Email for details.

Share & Save Program
Ready to purchase FreePurity products? At checkout you may get an invite to share our site or product with your friends on Facebook or other social media sites, and get an extra $5 cashback for a successful share. Please help us spread the word so we can help more children in need.

Give Back - Get Back Program
For every 10 sales of our signature FreePurity Water Purifiers, we will send you a $300 promo code to spend on anything you like at FreePurity store. 

For any other opportunities or questions on how you could help us spread the word, please email directly.