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Aquatec 6800 Low Flow Booster Pump (10 to 50 GPD) 24 VAC - 1/4

Aquatec 6800 Low Flow Booster Pump (10 to 50 GPD) 24 VAC - 1/4" QUICK CONNECT

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Aquatec Booster Pumps

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Made for high flow reverse osmosis membranes up to 50 GPD Capable of continuous duty and are effective for recirculation based applications as well safe operation with low energy (24 Watts), low voltage (24V) 1/4" Quick Connect. 

Aquatec International is a leading manufacturer of precision diaphragm (membrane) pumps and related flow control components. For over three decades, Aquatec has produced the highest quality, most reliable electric diaphragm pumps available in the global marketplace. Every Aquatec pump is proudly assembled within our modern Southern California production facility.

Leading global manufacturers trust Aquatec pumps to satisfy a wide range of system requirements, including those related to Water Purification, Medical Devices, Automotive Care and Performance, Industrial Floorcare, Road Maintenance, Commercial Food & Beverage Service and Solar Water Pumping.


Booster Pump For residential and commercial application

Our pumps are designed to deliver flow rates up to 6 gal/min (22.7 l/min) and operating pressures up to 220 psi (15 bar). We offer our OEM customers an unparalleled level of model customization. Our experienced sales and engineering teams can help determine the optimal configuration for any given application.

We’ve been awarded over two dozen international patents related to our innovative pump designs and their capabilities. We work on a factory-direct basis with OEM customers in 30+ countries, though many of our most popular pump models are also distributed globally through our distributor network.

  • boost water supply pressure for 100GPD to 200GPD reverse osmosis water systems 30 to 40psi boost
  • very quiet, efficient, use only 30 watts, self-priming, run dry without damage, diaphragm pump
  • pressure adjustable, Made in USA, NSF Certified and designed for drinking water, food processing
  • 3/8" quick connect inlet/outlet + bonus two 1/4" quick connect fitting
  • pump only 24VAC (2 amp transformer not included) higher flow than the 8851 pump

NSF Certification   RoHS Complient.  ISO 


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Used In Brands Aquatec
Manufacturer's Id 6840-2J03-B221
Actual Size (in) 7.28 inches (length) x 3.5 inches (height) x 3.38 inches (width)
Actual Size (cm) 18.4912 x 8.89 x 8.5852
Materials of Construction Diaphragm: Santoprene, Valve: EPDM
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) 125
Maximum Temperature (°F) 270
Flow Rate (gpm) 50
Flow Rate (lpm) 189.271
Fitting Size (inches) 1/4 inch
Power Requirements 24 VAC


  • Water Treatment/RO
  • Carbonation Systems
  • Beverage/Coffee Systems
  • Water Vending, Dispensing
  • Hydroponics/Aeroponics
  • Misting Systems
  • Humidification
  • HVAC Coil Cleaning
  • Medical Lab Water
  • Autoclave Systems
  • Endoscope Reprocessing/Chemical Boost
  • Dialysis Chemical Injection
  • Methanol & Water Injection

AquaTec’s 6800 Booster Pump is a global standard in booster pump technology, providing reliable inlet pressure for efficient membrane utilization. Most models are designed for intermittent duty, although some models are rated for continuous operation.  Effective for recirculation based applications as well. 

The Aquatec 6800 Booster Pumps are best to work with hydro-pneumatic storage systems but are compatible with most hydraulic shut-off valves also. These pumps are commonly used with one or more of our flow control components including pressure switches (PSW Series), tank level controllers (TLC Series), automatic flow restrictors, and timer (AFR and AFT series) or electronic shut-off valves (ESO Series).



6800 Series 12VDC 0.9 LPM
6800 Series 24VAC 0.9 LPM
6800 Series 24VDC 0.9 LPM
8800 Series 12VDC 1.4 LPM
8800 Series 24VAC 1.95 LPM
8800 Series 24VAC 2.6 LPM
8800 Series 24VDC 2.35 LPM 


Aquatec Water Systems, Inc. (“Aquatec”) warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under the following terms:

All Aquatec products with the exception of series 68XX, ERP 1000, and Aquajet model pumps: The warranty will last for a period of thirteen months from date of shipping from an Aquatec warehouse. The warranty period for 68XX and ERP 1000 is twenty-five months from the date of shipment from Aquatec.

Aquatec’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to replacing or repairing at Aquatec’s discretion, any such product or part which must be returned to Aquatec’s factory with a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA), transportation charges approved by Aquatec or prepaid, and which upon examination, is found to Aquatec’s satisfaction to have been defective under the terms of this warranty.

No credit will be allowed against future purchases for items returned as defective under the terms of Aquatec’s warranty. This warranty does not extend to any products, which have been altered or modified outside the Aquatec factory, nor does it apply to units that are returned in an unassembled condition.

Furthermore, the warranty does not extend to pumps that are identified by a 9XXX model number, indicating non-compliance with Aquatec’s Engineering Standards. This includes, but is not limited to, pumps ordered without an integral pressure control mechanism.

The warranty guarantees that products will perform to Aquatec’s flow and pressure specifications throughout the life of the warranty. The warranty does not cover wear, appearance, misapplication, or external water damage. If the returned product is found not to be defective under the conditions of this warranty, a charge will be made for repair or replacement. Brush wear may be limited to 1000 hours or less.

This is a Limited Warranty. It covers the product only and the extent of the coverage is limited to the cost of the product. As the manufacturer has no control over shipping, handling, and installation, the warranty cannot cover water damage, or any other damage, caused by a leak or other malfunction. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and no person is authorized to give any other warranty or assume obligation or liability in Aquatec’s behalf.

Aquatec shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind incurred by the reason of the use or sale of any defective product and part.