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EverHot® - Instant Hot Water Dispenser -

EverHot® - Instant Hot Water Dispenser

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Imagine having instant, on demand access to purified boiling hot water.  Perfect for tea, coffee, cooking and cleaning! 

Less than 12' H x 7' W, the Everhot Commercial Grade Instant Hot Water Dispenser fits conveniently under any kitchen sink for ease of use.

The EverHot® System features a large capacity reserve and rapid recovery design for a constant flow of hot water. The heater can only be combined with all Everhot Hot and Cold Tomlinson Series Faucet. Any other faucets void all existing warranties as they were not tested with Everhot dispenser.

Combined with any high quality, FreePurity reverse osmosis water filtration systems, the Everhot hot water dispenser allows you and your family or guests to enjoy a safe, fresh and delicious cup of coffee, tea or even hot chocolate made with purified water. Making quick meals that need instant hot water like oatmeal, pasta or soups is a breeze when using the EverHot Instant Hot Water System. 

  • Low energy consumption and operates quietly. 
  • A Thermostat with a self resetting thermal fuse.
  • Power: 2.1 amps. 
  • EverHot is 15” high, 8” wide, and 14” deep. 
  • Generous 1.5 gallons per hour capacity.
  • Meets no lead standards for CA AB 1953 and VT Act 193

There must be a 2” clearance all around the EverHot, and ventilation of the undersink cabinet is strongly recommended for effective heating performance. 

  • Kitchen / Bar Sink
  • Hospitality Bar Sink
  • Residential
  • Commercial

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