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HS-UF440 Whole House High Spring Ultra Filtration System - 3/4

HS-UF440 Whole House High Spring Ultra Filtration System - 3/4" PORTING 4x40 MEMBRANE W/ AUTO FLUSH

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High Spring Ultrafiltration is whole house membrane filtration to 0.03 microns/micrometres, with removal of bacteria, viruses, cysts, silt, dirt, turbidity, and colloids (small particles that stay suspended in your water).

  • Intelligent Self Cleaning System Using a Solenoid Valve to Drain for Selectable Time and Duration
  • 3-PP True Union Ball Valve By-Pass Configuration to Provide Complete Redundancy
  • Ultra Filter Membrane uses Patented Multi-Bore Technology to Provide Consistent Product
  • NSF Certified 61 on all Materials of Construction; NSF/ANSI 419 Drinking Water Equipment Performance-Filtration
  • 0.03UM Membrane for Certified Removal of Cryptosporidium and Virus Reduction
  • Premium hollow fiber membrane
  • Selectable time and duration backwash control
  • NSF 61 rated on all materials of construction
  • NSF/ANSI 419 Drinking water equipment performance - filtration
  • Comes ready to install, fully assembled


  • Pressure Requirements: Minimum 40 PSI; Maximum 80 PSI
  • Temperatures Requirements: Minimum 5° C; Maximum 35° C
  • Solenoid Electrical Requirements: 110V, 1 Phase, Meets CSA Standards
  • Membrane Life Expectancy: 1-2 Years Before Replacement is Needed
  • Water with 5NTU's or less Turbidity
  • 5 GPM

Replacement Membrane

HS-UF440 Membrane Replacement