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Most Common Residential Water Problems

The Most Common Water Problems

You can treat most common water problems with the right water filtration treatment so let's take a look at a few of these below. 

Got Hard Water Spots On Your Dishes?

Hard water is caused by minerals such as calcium and can accumulate on bathroom fixtures, glasses, dishes and clothing. We recommend Reverse Osmosis for drinking water and a water softener, or a water conditioner for the rest of the home water which can remove hard water minerals so they don’t build up, eliminating scale and hard water spots.

Do You See Blue Acid Stains On Fixtures?

Do you see green/blueish water stains on your fixtures and surfaces around the house?. Acid stains are hard to clean and unhealthy to consume. Another culprit that causes blue stains is copper when your pipes are being eaten away by the acid. Leaving your water without fixing this problem can cause leaks. This system will do the trick.

Do You See Yellow/Golden Stains On Fixtures?

High iron content in your water supply can cause fixtures and drain to rust. Excessive iron can stain your fixtures if left untreated. We have the equipment and filters to remove iron and prevent iron stains. When you contact us, mention this problem. If your fixtures are stained with yellow/golden stains, we have filters that remove that. This system will remove iron.

Does Your Water Smell Or Taste Bad?

Usually the odor ( fish, rotten eggs or chlorine) from your water is caused by Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Many contaminants can cause bad odor such as iron, sulfur, manganese and other.  The best way to treat drinking water problems is with reverse osmosis drinking water systems, whole house carbon filter or water conditioners. These filters usually eliminate bad taste or smell. Any of the RO systems we carry will remove bad smell or taste.

So What Should You Do About These Water Issues? Remove Them!

Remove everything that causes above problems and more with a reverse osmosis system widely used in households, commercial businesses, labs, military and industrial applications. There are a couple of different designs (we can help you with these if you're unsure) but they all do the same thing: remove or reduce unwanted TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) to leave behind safe, alkaline drinking water. These affordable systems focus on removing lead and other metals, salts, pesticides, herbicides, excess of minerals your body can't digest, arsenic, asbestos, microbes and of course fluoride and 0.0001 micron size which is 500,000 smaller than the diameter of a single strand of hair. There is no other way to remove harmful particles at this level at such low cost. You can find other posts on our blog post where we actually did the math. 

Reverse Osmosis Process Removes 99-100% Contaminants That Cause Water Problems. Contact Us To Choose The Right Filter.

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